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African Country TLD’s (Domains)

I was doing some research trying to find an obscure suffix for a domain today and got sidetracked into trying to find all of the African TLD’s (Top Level Domains). I couldn’t find a list that had just the domain suffix for each country in Africa, so created my own:

TLD Country Name TLD Country Name
.AO Angola .MG Madagascar
.BF Burkina Faso .ML Mali
.BI Burundi .MU Mauritius
.BJ Benin .MW Malawi
.BW Botswana .MZ Mozambique
.CF Central African Republic .NA Namibia
.CG Congo .NE Niger
.CI Cote D’Ivoire .NG Nigeria
.CM Cameroon .RW Rwanda
.DJ Djibouti .SC Seychelles
.DZ Algeria .SD Sudan
.EG Egypt .SL Sierra Leone
.EH Western Sahara .SN Senegal
.ER Eritrea .SO Somalia
.ET Ethiopia .ST Sao Tome and Principe
.GA Gabon .SZ Swaziland
.GH Ghana .TD Chad
.GM Gambia .TG Togo
.GN Guinea .TN Tunisia
.GQ Equatorial Guinea .TZ Tanzania
.GW Guinea-Bissau .UG Uganda
.KE Kenya .ZA South Africa
.LR Liberia .ZM Zambia
.LS Lesotho .ZR
Dem Rep of Congo
.LY Libya .ZW Zimbabwe
.MA Morocco .KM Comoros
.CV Cape Verde    

If I’m missing any, let me know. If you want a full list of all the country TLD’s around the world, try here.


  1. Zaire doesn’t exist anymore..
    DRC’s TLD is .cd

  2. Comoros ? Cape Verde ?

  3. Fixed Zaire, added Comoros and Cape Verde. Thanks!

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